“I was looking to focus more time on advising clients while providing a robust communications plan, however creating effective and consistent communications was very challenging. Finding relevant and compliant content and the time and effort placed into marketing was a strenuous process taking away from phone calls and face-to-face meetings. I also didn’t want to simply automate everything and lose sight of what I was communicating. As a result, I stuck to using the firm’s compliant materials that provided no personalized branding.”

AdvisorStream saves time while providing timely, relevant and branded e-newsletters and social posts

I truly cannot express how much time I have saved because of AdvisorStream’s automated marketing platform. I now have a steady stream of fresh timely content delivered to my social media feeds and clients receive a weekly e-newsletter full of valuable information ensuring they hear from me on a consistent basis. I’m always adamant to share content that is interesting to clients. The content provided by AdvisorStream is phenomenal and my clients love it. In my opinion, the content is more engaging and because it covers a wide range of topics, it brands me as someone who is well informed.

Though the AdvisorStream platform, I can set, customize and control the automation of my social media accounts allowing me to regulate and review content in advance with ease. By streaming content to my digital channels daily, my content travels further and faster and saves me so much time. AdvisorStream has also helped me break the ice and build new relationships, deepen those with existing clients and empowered me to focus more time on building my practice while reaping benefits from consistent e-newsletters and social media posts.”