“I was spending a lot of time writing my own content and sharing only a couple of posts per week on LinkedIn. With an inconsistent communication strategy that was time-consuming, I was seeing very little return for my effort and losing valuable time that would have been better spent serving my clients.”

AdvisorStream’s valuable content delivers tangible results

“AdvisorStream has helped me reactivate with contacts and prospects that I had previously lost touch with. After just a short time, I have already seen tangible results including closing a $650,000 account from a prospect that had been dragging his heels for months! As well, it’s taken little effort to increase touch points with my clients to ensure I stay front and center.

The AdvisorStream library has more than 30 subject areas which I can easily filter, effortlessly share, and schedule social media posts from lifestyle to market related content. It really allows me to break up the subject matter, as well as keep people informed of what is occurring outside the financial markets. I feel this sets me apart from other financial advisors and delivers more than just product specific content. My daily social media posts get consistent clicks and interactions. I recently received a new lead from social media, which had never happened before!

Another way AdvisorStream really helps grow my business is with the weekly custom branded newsletter. AdvisorStream curates the entire newsletter and then allows me to edit with my own personal touches if wanted. I rarely need to edit as the newsletter and content is top quality.

AdvisorStream has saved me hours of work and the curated weekly newsletter reinforces my value and provides constant contact with clients and prospects. By stepping up communication to clients and prospects, I’m seeing tangible results.”