In my business communicating and engaging clients is of utmost importance. In the past, I tried other marketing platforms to communicate and increase engagement but not only was it difficult to use and my clients were not interacting with the content.

AdvisorStream delivers real return on engagement

Since incorporating AdvisorStream into my practice in early 2017; I have achieved my goal of providing clients and prospects with access to engaging digital content.

The AdvisorStream platform is intuitive to use and by leveraging the built-in automation for creating enewsletters and social media posts, I only need to spend a few minutes every month managing content. The wealth of content available within AdvisorStream also enables me to customize my communications and ensure a consistent voice and brand for my business.

Since implementing AdvisorStream, I am garnering much more interaction on my social media. One of my posts actually received 1000 likes! Helping my brand travel quicker and fast all because of the great content offered by AdvisorStream. I’ve had other posts that have resulted in 5+ opt-ins which are now tracked in AdvisorStream as leads that I have begun to nurture.

I’m excited about the increased interaction I am having. The real return on engagement is how I can now understand what is important to clients and prospects opening the door to more natural conversations and strengthened relationships.

Stats from January - September 2019