“Finding new clients as an advisor has changed. It’s not like it was 15 years ago. Remaining relevant on several different mediums is extremely important for building client relationships.

Some of my colleagues have been spending hours every week tediously writing newsletters and clearing them through compliance. But it’s a tremendous time commitment, and I didn’t have the time.

I needed a solution that could help me stay top of mind, while helping clients understand what’s happening in the market in context with their financial goals. Easier said than done.”

A world without AdvisorStream would be a noticeable reduction in service to my clients.”

Colin Duncanson
Assistant Vice President & Private Wealth Advisor
Coastal Community Private Wealth Group


"AdvisorStream helped liberate my time by automating high-value marketing tasks, so that I could focus on my clients and drive revenue.

The high quality and relevant content helps me stand out and create frequent touchpoints, which are especially important in times of market volatility and social distancing.

Clients are impressed and appreciate the content, which positions me as professional and helps put a face to a name. The newsletters are really well received. AdvisorStream is a contributing element to the success of my firm.

I’m able to do a lot of great marketing with very little energy on my end thanks to AdvisorStream."