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Campaigns is an intelligent email nurturing system that sparks meaningful conversations.

  • Pre-written campaigns to nurture all your contacts
  • Powerful automation saves you time and effort
  • Automatically selects content for every email
  • Effortlessly identifies the most engaged contacts
  • AI-powered curation selects best content to share


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Automated Email Marketing Campaigns for Financial Advisors

Email Campaigns for Every Occasion

AdvisorStream Campaigns automatically nurtures contacts with a series of time-delayed emails that inspire action.

Discover how you can use Campaigns to drive growth and save time.

Lead Nurturing

Automatically follow-up with leads and nurture them with timely content to turn clicks into clients.

  • Share timely content to break the ice with leads
  • Build a relationship with next generation of investors
  • Nurture leads from all your marketing initiatives
    (ads, seminars, referrals, LinkedIn, etc.)

Lead nurturing for financial advisors

Client Onboarding

Impress new clients and save countless hours by automating your onboarding communications.

  • Send welcome emails when you sign new clients
  • Educate clients about the firm’s investment philosophy
  • Share links to key policies, documents and processes
  • Ask for feedback to identify advocates and detractors
  • Keep clients informed about your firm's philanthropy

Automate your client onboarding

Generating Referrals

Generate high-quality leads by automating the process of asking your clients for referrals.

  • Build a strong referral engine by asking periodically
  • Send timely personalized content clients can easily share
  • Generate referrals with content clients love sharing

Generate leads and referrals automatically

Event Promotion

Maximize the results of your events, seminars and webinars with automated follow-ups.

  • Automate the promotion of your next event
  • Nurture attendees after the event to spark action
  • Boost the ROI of your events with on-going nurturing

Financial Advisor event promotions automated

Client Education

Inspire clients to reach out when they are facing key life events that have financial implications.

  • Keep clients calm and informed with regular touchpoints
  • Nurture clients on key milestones
    (e.g., home ownership, marriage, having kids, retirement)
  • Enroll clients into seasonal or thematic campaigns
    (e.g., tax season, retirement and estate planning)
  • Humanize your firm by sharing key initiatives

Investor education for clients

Spark Conversations that Matter

Select from a growing library of expertly crafted campaigns or create your own in minutes.

  • Pre-written emails designed to spark action
  • Launch highly targeted nurturing in minutes
  • AI-powered curation selects next content to share
  • Fully customizable to fit your brand and voice
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pre-written automated email marketing campaigns

Get More Done in Less Time

Powerful automation ensures your contacts are nurtured allowing you to focus your time on more important tasks.

  • Unlimited campaigns for all your firm's initatives
  • Nurture contacts with pre-written emails
  • Intelligently selects articles for each message
  • Automatically handles distribution for every email
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Automated lead nurturing for financial advisors

Convert More Leads by Prioritizing Follow Ups

Prioritize your outreach with simplified reporting that identifies leads ready to take action.

  • Real-time reporting reveals engaged contacts
  • Easily identify content contacts enjoyed most
  • Translate your lead nurturing into real results
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Easy lead nurturing reporting

Put your email marketing on auto-pilot with Campaigns